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Colwell Baptist Church is
Bible-based, family-friendly church in the village of Freshwater on the Isle of Wight. Before the COVID-19 pandemic we were a lively and growing church, made up of lots of people from different ages and stages of life. At present we are still getting used to being able to meet together again in person!...We have recently begun meeting again on Sunday mornings and hold a weekly service, every Sunday at 10.15am. Click here to find out what to expect if you join us on a Sunday morning. Click here to find out where on the Island we are.

Click here to find a list of recent news updates from Dave....and see the links below to find out more about;

Church-life post-lockdown. (How are we making sure that our services are "Covid-safe"?)

What time is the service on Sunday? (We have recently adopted an earlier start-time)

Children and Young People. (What groups are currently running on Sundays?)

Catch up on YouTube. (Get an idea of who we are by watching a recording of a recent service.)

Church-life post-lockdown.

Like many other churches, businesses and organisations across the country, we have had to make significant changes to how we "work" as a church family since the global COVID-19 pandemic began affecting the UK in early 2020. In late July this year, we once again began holding weekly in-person services every Sunday morning, but we recognise that some members of our congregation are still (quite rightly), wary of attending. Due to the ongoing risk of infection and transmission, many of us are wary of putting one-another at risk of what is a potentially deadly disease. We are mindful, too, of making visitors uncomfortable by us not being seen to heed the government's current health and hygiene advice. Therefore, as inconvenient and frustrating as some might find it, we are nonetheless choosing to keep to the following procedures when we meet;

  • We will ask people to use the NHS "track and trace" app to "sign in" using a bespoke church QR code displayed at the door.
  • We will ask people to spread out as much as possible, and to wear face-masks (unless exempt) until seated.
  • We will ask people to offer each other nothing more than an "elbow-bump" greeting.
  • Although we will sing hymns and songs together as part of our morning services, we will ask people (unless exempt), to wear face-masks whilst they are singing.
  • We will serve tea and coffee in our church hall after the service but, again, will ask people to wear face-masks unless they are seated at a table.

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What time is the service on Sunday?

On Sunday morning the doors open at 10am and the service will begin promptly at 10.15am. At about 11.30am, when the service finishes, you are invited to stay for a tea or coffee in the church hall. All refreshments are completely free.

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Children and Young People 

After the first quarter of an hour, we invite all pre-school and primary-aged children to head to the church hall for our "Lighthouse" group. This fully supervised group is a fun, engaging time that aims not just to "teach children Christianity", but rather to create a space for children to be church as children.

At the same time, our older young people (secondary school-aged) meet together in their own group - again, fully supervised. This is a very informal, discussion and activity-based group that meets in the home of one of our church members, about three minute's walk away. If it's raining, bring a coat! This group aims to help young people build their lives on God's truth rather than their own truths (or anyone else's!)

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Catch up on YouTube

As so many are still wary of gathering together in large groups and in enclosed spaces, we have begun video-recording all our Sunday services and uploading them to YouTube. Check our church YouTube Channel to see last Sunday's service, and to find out exactly what to expect if you come along in person.

Whether you are new to the area, new to faith, new to church - or simply on holiday on the Island and looking for a local church to come to - you will always find a warm and friendly welcome at Colwell Baptist Church - either online, or in-person.

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