Try Praying

We've recently been giving away some little books called "Try Praying", with this invitation...

"For just one week, TRY PRAYING and see what happens!"

The book contains seven short chapters, and the idea is to read one chapter a day for a week, follow the suggested prayer idea given each day...and then write down what happens as a result.

We believe that God is real and that He hears us when we talk to Him. We believe that we often see God work in our lives when we ask Him for help, guidance, strength or support. We'd love to hear from you if you've accepted the "Try Praying" challenge, and we'd love to know what difference praying made in your life. Click here to email us and let us know!

If you want to order a free copy of this little booklet, just click here...or you can download a smartphone app with exactly the same content by clicking here and selecting "APP".

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